Pro-Life and Proud of It

By Anna DeMeuse

“My pro-life beliefs are not a secret on campus.”

With “more than half of all U.S. abortion patients being women in their 20’s” it is no surprise that college campuses are crucial territory for influencing hearts and minds.1 While the majority of universities today endorse the abortion agenda in the classroom and beyond, pro-life student groups are a beacon of light in the darkness. Kaela Beugnet, President of Marquette for Life at Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI lives out this mission everyday on her college campus.

“I’ve always been pro-life, but my involvement with the pro-life movement began after I attended the March for Life in 2018 with a couple friends and other Marquette students.” While on this trip she says, “I distinctly remember realizing that God was calling me to be involved with Marquette for Life when I got back to campus.”


Fortunately, Marquette had a strong pro-life student group at the time that met bi-weekly. Kaela recalls, “The rest of my sophomore year, I tried my best to be at every meeting and event.” When the time came for members of Marquette for Life to run for executive positions such as President, Vice President, Treasurer, etc. for the upcoming school year Kaela said,

“I was nervous to take on a larger role in the organization this school year, but I knew deep down that this was where God was leading me.”

Kaela was elected President of Marquette for Life in April of 2018 and has been serving faithfully by “planning general meetings and executing larger campus-wide events with the executive board, such as our March for Life pilgrimage, Baby Box Project, Pro Life week and our Awakening Hope Gala.” She says,

“Being the leader of a student organization that sometimes faces adversity can be scary at times. However, I’ve really grown in my beliefs by holding this position. I consider my position as Marquette for Life’s President a core part of my identity and do not hide it.”

“My pro-life beliefs are not a secret on campus. At this point, most people who know me know that I am president of the pro-life group. I have ‘pro-life’ stickers on my laptop and I have promoted Marquette for Life events in my classes before and on my personal social media accounts. Occasionally, I receive messages from people criticizing or questioning my position on abortion, but I don’t mind these messages because it gives me a chance to explain why I am pro-life and usually leads to an insightful conversation.”

Marquette for Life has accomplished some incredible work this year. Kaela remarks, “One of my goals was to offer more opportunities for service and show the Marquette Community that being pro-life means we care about babies after they’re born, too. I realized that a lot of people are unaware of pregnancy resource centers and the amazing services they generously provide to women in unplanned pregnancies. Using grant money we were awarded at a Georgetown University conference, we had a public event in our student union where people could stop by and pack a Baby Box with baby supplies we had bulk-ordered. Our turnout was so great, we had to end the event early because 300 boxes were made in under 3 hours! The boxes were delivered to three local pregnancy centers by students. Even some pro-choice students shared that they liked this program!”

kaela (1).png

On the heels of the Baby Box project, Kaela and the Marquette for Life executive board are currently preparing for their second annual Awakening Hope Gala which is to be held on March 30th. “Funds raised from this evening enable Marquette for Life to continue promoting a pro-life culture on campus through programs, trips, speakers and more! We would be honored to welcome you to this Gala, so please spread the word. The final day to register is Friday, March 15th!”

The work never ends for these students. “Executive board has been talking about next semester events already. We are so committed to spreading truth to students through new programs and initiatives.” We sincerely thank Kaela and all pro-life student leaders for the countless hours they dedicate to saving lives and impacting hearts and minds with the truth.

“If there was one thing I could convey to all college students through the work that Marquette for Life does, it is this: our efforts are focused on the unborn because they are the most vulnerable group of people facing the greatest threat from abortion. Being pro-life means caring about life at all stages. We care because of our deep conviction that every human life has value from start to end and each person has a purpose and plan.”

To follow the good work Kaela and Marquette for Life does, follow them on social media and register to attend their second annual Awakening Hope Gala!

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1 January 2018 Fact Sheet: Induced Abortions in the United States. Guttmacher Institute.