How is Pro-Life Wisconsin different from other pro-life organizations in Wisconsin?


Personhood is a legal concept that recognizes that human beings have rights under the law. Slavery was once legal in the U.S. because slaves were denied legal personhood. But did you know that some humans are still denied personhood in America? That's right, preborn children are not considered legal "persons" under the law, and they have no legal rights as a result.

Our goal is to amend the Wisconsin Constitution to recognize the preborn child as a legal person, fully protected under Wisconsin law. Learn more.

no Exceptions for Abortion

Pro-Life Wisconsin believes every life matters, and we will never exclude any human being from protection by allowing or promoting abortion exceptions. We oppose direct, intentional abortion in all cases. Put another away, Pro-Life Wisconsin doesn't support legislation that undermines the personhood of the preborn child by explicitly including exceptions for rape, incest, disability, or perceived threat to the mother's health or life. Learn more.


Pro-Life Wisconsin celebrates the beauty and true purpose of human sexuality. We believe artificial birth control thwarts this purpose, and as a result, we oppose all artificial forms of it. Learn more.

Rooted in Faith

Pro-Life Wisconsin is proud to be a Christian organization! We recognize the pro-life battle is a spiritual one and ultimately dependent upon God for victory. Our faith is at the center of everything we do.