Planning today to save tomorrow


  • Planned giving is not only for the wealthy.

  • Individuals of any financial means are invited to participate.

  • There are various ways for individuals of even modest means to make a difference and build a culture of life with Pro-Life Wisconsin.


  • A planned gift is a tax-efficient way to leave your gift for Pro-Life Wisconsin through your estate plan, maximizing your charitable giving legacy.

  • Your desire to save innocent human lives and support the mission of Pro-Life Wisconsin can be most effectively accomplished by means of a planned gift.


  • Your planned gift will empower Pro-Life Wisconsin to share the Gospel of Life in a number of ways.

  • It will support education and activism efforts such as sidewalk counselor training, pro-life college outreach grants, youth retreats, and efforts of the True to Life Media campaign including billboards, print and electronic media advertising.

  • Pro-Life Wisconsin attempts to change the culture at large, while focusing efforts particularly on abortion minded men and women in immediate need of a life affirming message.

The time to plan your gift is now. Perhaps you have the desire to initiate a planned gift but don’t know where to start? Pro-Life Wisconsin development director, Matt Von Rueden, and your financial adviser can help to make sure that your planned gift is most beneficial for both you and Pro-Life Wisconsin. Call or email today to leave your pro-life legacy!

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There are a variety of ways to make a planned gift. Please review some of the opportunities below and call Matt Von Rueden at 262.796.1111, ex. 15, or email to further discuss what is right for you and your family.

Thank you for saving lives and changing hearts!

Options to plan your legacy

Immediate gifts:

  1. Cash Gift: Give an immediate tax deductible gift to Pro-Life Wisconsin, Education Task Force.

  2. Appreciated Securities: Donate stocks, bonds, or other assets and realize a fair market value tax deduction.

  3. Charitable IRA: Individuals over 70 ½ years of age can make a direct gift of up to $100,000 from their IRA*

Future Gifts:

  1. Charitable Provision: Name Pro-Life Wisconsin for a percentage or certain dollar amount in your will or trust.

  2. Donor Advised Fund: A public charity that allows you to take an immediate tax deduction with delayed distribution of assets and growth. This option is free from the administrative burden of a foundation and best for individuals of modest to moderate means.

  3. Private Foundation: Grant Pro-Life Wisconsin gifts through your personal foundation. Best for individuals of significant means.

  4. Charitable Annuity: Create a stream of income for you and your family with residual assets being left to Pro-Life Wisconsin.

  5. Life Insurance: Consider naming Pro-Life Wisconsin as the beneficiary on a life insurance policy your family no longer needs, or even purchasing a new policy for the benefit of Pro-Life Wisconsin.

*Check current tax law. This provision requires annual renewal.

General Disclaimer: Consult your tax professional to understand current tax laws before making any significant contribution.