Saving Lives, Sharing Stories

By Anna DeMeuse

After losing her job of 20 years, she had no idea what was next, but she prayed and trusted, hoping that something would fall into place. One day the phone rang, and the conversation that came next would go on to change the course of her life.

MJ Clements is the Director of Mother and Unborn Baby Care in Appleton, WI and it all began with a simple phone call from the board of directors in MJ’s time of need. It has been eleven years since MJ began working at Mother and Unborn Baby Care, and she becomes more dedicated to the good work the clinic does each day.

“We know that we are doing God's work here, and it is so rewarding when we know a baby's life has been saved!”

One of the most special moments, MJ says, is when the parents bring in their child to meet the staff after he or she is born. This very moment is a tangible sign of the life saving work of Mother and Unborn Baby Care, in conjunction with Vida Health Clinic.

Mother and Unborn Baby Care is their corporation, which provides the Earn While You Learn program. They believe that the best way to help those in need, is to allow them to help themselves. “It is with that belief that we launched this innovative program in the Fall of 2006.” This Earn While You Learn program seeks to calm women's anxiety in their time of uncertainty and answer important questions about pregnancy and parenting. As a result of taking the various classes, or watching instructional videos, the mother’s earn “Mommy Money” to purchase materials like diapers, wipes, baby clothes, and other needed supplies.

“Through regular lessons that include videos and worksheets, they learn essential information about their pregnancy and their baby. There are a number of topics to choose which are tailored to the client’s needs and interests, and women can remain in the program until their child is three years old.”

Connected, but distinct, is the Vida Health Clinic which was founded in 1983 in hopes that abortion minded women would not be deterred with the knowledge that the clinic was pro-life. Vida Health Clinic desired to be a place where women could receive healthcare and counseling on all of their options, while not performing, endorsing, or referring for abortion. “This model has worked for us for over 35 years.” The Vida Health clinic is located right next door to Mother and Unborn Baby Care and they  offer free pregnancy testing, ultrasounds to verify pregnancy, Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) testing, Pap/pelvic and breast exams, education on adoption, abortion, parenting, and medical referrals.

The staff and volunteers at both Mother and Unborn Baby Care and Vida Clinic see some very sad situations, MJ says. But through it all, they do the very best to help in each unique situation.

“Each day we start our day in prayer and ask God to help us meet with the abortion minded women who enter our doors. We show the love of Christ to each of our patients and clients.”

Every patient and client is so unique and this April 23rd, Mother and Unborn Baby Care and Vida Health Clinic will host “An Evening of Stories” to give the women they serve a platform to share their personal stories. This event is in conjunction with their annual “Together for Life Banquet” that shines a light on all the good work done at the clinic and seeks to provide financially for future needs, as it operates entirely upon private donations. MJ Clements, Director of Mother and Unborn Baby Care invites YOU to join them for “An Evening of Stories” and show your love and support for the courageous women who choose life!

RSVP here by Monday, April 15th.

For more information, visit their website here.