From Immigrant Wisconsin Farmer to Pro-Life Legal Expert

The life and work of Gualberto Garcia Jones is a fascinating story of God raising up a pro-life hero from humble beginnings. At the age of 11 years old, Gualberto’s family emigrated from Spain and settled in Madison, Wisconsin, where his parents sought advanced degrees in immunology at UW-Madison. Living in a new country with limited funds, they became share-croppers for an elderly farmer just outside of Madison.

Growing up, Gualberto was consumed with sports and study. His pro-life convictions and his faith were unstable, until a conversion during his time as an undergraduate at UW-Madison. In this hotbed of secular culture – of all places – God chose to touch Gualberto’s heart in such a way that he would go on to dedicate his entire professional career to advancing the pro-life movement.

As an immigrant, Gualberto experienced a great deal of pride and gratitude for his new country, while at the same time he wrestled with feelings of shame and horror at the hypocrisy of abortion in this great land.

Gualberto went on to earn a law degree from George Washington University and has since been involved in numerous pro-life legal efforts both here in the United States and abroad. As a father of 4 boys, 1 girl, and 1 baby lost to miscarriage, he lives a life of service to his Lord, his family and his unborn brothers and sisters. Currently, Gualberto serves as the President of Personhood Alliance, of which Pro-Life Wisconsin is an affiliate.

Come hear Gualberto Garcia Jones on April 10th in Wausau or April 11th in Waukesha as he shares his story and offers a unique international perspective on pro-life legal strategies. Register here for either event.