From Unplanned To Unstoppable

Corrie Christiaansen grew up pro-life - attending March for Life events in Washington DC, praying outside of abortion facilities, watching pro-life films, reading pro-life books, and sharing her pro-life beliefs with others, but it wasn’t until late high school when she developed a deep passion for the pro-life movement.

“In high school, I became more serious about my Christian faith which in turn, helped me to recognize how God created each person with dignity and beauty, no matter their stage of life. It was also during high school, when I first learned the story about my own unlikely beginning.”

Corrie says,  “I always knew I was a ‘surprise’ baby - unplanned but welcomed into the family. What I didn't realize was that after my older brother was born, my mom had a tubal ligation surgery that wouldn't allow her to have children anymore. But somehow that surgery didn't ‘work’ and I was miraculously conceived!”

When Corrie found this out, she began to read more about tubal ligation surgery and the likelihood of  life being able to originate after a procedure like this. “It blew my mind that some reported less than 1% chance of pregnancy occurring after this surgery. I sure beat the odds, and I have to believe that it was for a very special purpose.”

Despite her surprising entrance into the world, Corrie’s incredible parents courageously and lovingly chose life. “I am forever grateful for their love and am so blessed to have siblings and parents that have welcomed me into the family even when I wasn't planned to be there in the first place.”

“Learning about and knowing my story has been ‘fuel for the fire.’ It encouraged me to share with the world that every life matters, no matter what. Each person deserves to have a chance to live their life to the fullest. Each person is beautiful and loved!”

Corrie gets the chance to spread this message with others everyday as she works ministering to the youth of Saint Charles Parish in Hartland, WI. “Each day is an opportunity to share about the dignity of the the human person,” she says.  

“Human beings are inherently beautiful and sacred. And the pro-life message helps conquer the lies that each of us believe - that we aren't good enough, that we aren't beautiful, that we aren't strong enough. The pro-life message is about the truth of our dignity and identity! That we are beautiful, wonderful, and unique. No matter what may happen, our lives matter.”

Corrie recognized her desire to spread this message to those who needed it most - women and men walking into the abortion facilities to abort their child. Shortly after the March for Life in January of this year, Corrie contacted Pro-Life Wisconsin and expressed interest in being trained as a sidewalk counselor. “I was determined to not let my passion for protecting life fade after going to the March for Life this year.  I decided it was time do something more to spread this message to others in a tangible way.”

Corrie has been unstoppable ever since. Instead of being trained individually, Corrie wanted others in her community to have the opportunity to be trained as sidewalk counselors too. This past Saturday, a group of 12 gathered to be trained, and just yesterday they witnessed their first save as sidewalk counselors outside of the abortion facility in Milwaukee. Corrie is planning to coordinate even more sidewalk counseling trainings with Pro-Life Wisconsin for others she knows in Wisconsin!

“Speaking out on the dignity of life changes the world. Not only are lives saved but so many lives are changed for the better.”

We are so thankful for the witness Corrie has been and will continue to be. From her earliest days of watching pro-life movies, reading pro-life books, praying outside of abortion facilities, and attending the March for Life, she has been a faithful advocate for life. What a beautiful example she is of what it means to inspire others, share the pro-life message, and save lives.

“Our most powerful tool is sharing our stories with others, sharing our words of encouragement, our joy, and our love in action.”

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