Saved from Abortion...

Last winter, Anna* considered aborting her baby Lucy*.

Women who contemplate abortion do so for various reasons, but Anna had a long list that was truly overwhelming. Early in the pregnancy, complications placed her on medical leave, so she temporarily had no income. Anna’s doctors warned her that her advanced maternal age meant the possibility of Lucy having Down Syndrome or other serious health conditions. And in December, Anna’s husband died, leaving her with their four children and the baby on the way.

Anna’s family was supportive and, thank God, the abortion temptation passed. Nevertheless, Anna and her children would need support to get them through. That’s when Anna met Pro-Life Wisconsin.

Sarah, the social worker assisting Anna, contacted Pro-Life Wisconsin in April of 2018 to see what could be done for this courageous mother who had chosen life.

Sarah explained, “Anna really doesn’t need much. She’s got a job waiting for her post-partum, child care arrangements are made, and her extended family is helping as much as they can. All she needs in the meantime is financial support to cover a portion of her rent and avoid eviction this month.”

Thanks to supporters like you, Pro-Life Wisconsin has a special fund for woman facing crisis pregnancy situations like Anna. Working with Sarah, we were able to help Anna get through a difficult time.

A healthy baby Lucy was born in July 2018. Anna was so thankful that she invited the Pro-Life Wisconsin staff to meet little Lucy in her home. The family is doing well! Now Lucy will celebrate her first Christmas with her mother and four siblings, thanks to your generous support. Thank you for affirming, loving and nurturing every human life—born and unborn—with Pro-Life Wisconsin.

I wish you could all be in my shoes at moments like these. When you are directly or indirectly involved in the life of a baby saved from abortion, it makes your heart soar with joy!

As a sidewalk counselor, I’ve witnessed over 500 babies saved from abortion. That is such a blessing, no doubt about it. But when you are given the gift of holding that child, there are no words. Baby Lucy was the eleventh child saved from abortion I’ve held in my arms. That moment becomes a prayer, praising and thanking God for putting us into the breach to save one of His little ones.

To continue saving babies like Lucy from abortion, a generous supporter is matching every donation to Pro-Life Wisconsin, dollar for dollar in the month of December, up to $50,000! Just make sure you postmark your contribution or donate online by December 31st to double the life-saving impact of your end-of-year investment.

May the miracle of Christmas fill your hearts with hope, and may God bless you and your family in the new year.

*All names changed for confidentiality.