Pro-Life Report from Peggy Hamill

As you travel on Hwy 41 north from Milwaukee, about 5 miles past Allenton (2 miles before Hwy 28) keep an eye open on your right for Pro-Life Wisconsin's powerful billboard. This stunning new image is a make over of the (now faded) canvas that I had designed and my husband Bob installed over 5 years ago. 

On September 24th Bob, with two helpers from PLW, a large ladder, tools, screws, lumber and lots of muscle installed the striking new canvas. The message is simple and compelling. The beautiful full color ultrasound image of a preborn baby is accompanied by the words "I Am A Person".

As we try to combat an evil culture of death, it is imperative that we speak up for preborn babies who have been dehumanized and cannot speak for themselves. 

In 1973 the Supreme Court, ruled in Roe v Wade that the "word 'person' does not include the unborn." With modern ultrasound technology, as our billboard depicts, the humanity of tiny preborn people is crystal clear. Roe obviously is dead wrong. Judges on some of the highest courts of the land hold that Roe v Wade may be "the law of the land" but that it is "bad law". The case is definately not settled. The Supreme Court has a history of reversing it's own inhumane rulings. Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch once wrote regarding Roe v Wade while he was a student at Oxford, that if the Court had "found the fetus to be a person for purposes of the 14th Amendment, it could not have created a right to abortion because no constitutional basis exists for preferring the mother's liberty interests over the child's life."

Until the courts get it right, we are compelled through education, advertising and advocacy to protect, defend and speak for the preborn.

Whether it's through broadcast, social, print, bumper sticker, church bulletin, leeflet or billboard advertising, the opportunities are endless.

To find out how you can help broadcast "I am a person" for the voiceless preborn, call Therese at Pro-Life Wisconsin, 262-796-1111 Ext 14, .
May God bless your efforts.

In Christ,
Peggy Hamill