What is Total Protection?

Achieving total protection means achieving the enactment of laws prohibiting the killing of preborn children - at any stage of development and in any circumstance. Achieving total protection means that the lives of preborn children are equally protected under the law without discrimination.

Fighting for total protection is not easy. It requires defending the right to life of those preborn children who are conceived in rape or incest, or of those whom some say pose a threat to the life of their mother. It requires defending preborn children whether they are moments old embryos or nearly full term; whether they were conceived in a Petri dish for in vitro fertilization or embryonic stem cell research, or in a mother's body, before implantation in the womb. It means defending preborn children regardless of ability or disability.

Ending abortion - all abortion - is the goal of the pro-life movement. Reaching that goal has been difficult, particularly in the legislative realm. Politics is the "art of compromise" as they say. But while there are many ways in which pro-lifers can further a pro-life agenda in our nation's and states' capitols incrementally, we can never compromise the life of one single baby by explicitly sanctioning his or her destruction. To do so would be to undermine the very foundation of the pro-life movement.

There are no shortcuts here: human life begins at fertilization. All human beings are endowed with an inalienable right to life. Total protection will only come when pro-lifer's act consistently with this message. This is what being 100% pro-life is all about.