Gosnell showing in Milwaukee!

By Pro-Life Wisconsin | October 11, 2018

Gosnell movie is coming to a theater near you!

We asked and they delivered! It has been recently announced that Gosnell: The Trial of America's Biggest Serial Killer is going to be playing in Mayfair Mall's AMC theater, New Berlin's Marcus Ridge Cinema and more starting tomorrow, Friday, October 12!

Visit the theater sites to find showtimes:

  1. Mayfair Mall's AMC Theater
  2. New Berlin's Marcus Ridge Cinema
View all Wisconsin location's here. Make sure to select tomorrow's date in order to see show times, as tomorrow is the release date.

The Gosnell movie will only be in theaters for a limited time, so please make time to see it! Help raise awareness. Let's show these theaters how passionately pro-life we are! The film is the shocking true story of the investigation and trial of abortionist Dr. Kermit Gosnell - his 30 year killing spree and the political and media establishment that tried to cover it up. Originally investigated for illegal prescription drug sales, a raid by DEA, FBI & local law enforcement revealed crimes they could not have expected within the abortion clinic. Learn more about the Gosnell movie here.

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