Baby Saved!

By Dan Miller | July 30, 2018

God showed me my first save on August 3, 2010, just three days after I attended a Pro-Life Wisconsin sidewalk counseling training seminar. Fast forward until now, 1,083 babies have been saved at Milwaukee area abortion centers by sidewalk counselors. Thank YOU for sharing your treasure so that lives can be saved.

Last week, one of our volunteer sidewalks counselors called me in a panic. “Dan! I don’t know what to do! This young mom kept coming out of the abortion facility and was crying and really upset. I tried to calm her down, but couldn’t seem to, so I asked her if it was ok to give her a hug. She said, ‘OK,’ but immediately the abortion escorts start riding me, calling me a pervert and on and on. They said they were going to call the cops! I ignored them, staying focused on *Jane, and finally got her to agree to go across the street to the pregnancy help center to get a free ultrasound. She was such a mess, still crying, so I asked her if it would be OK to lead her by the hand. I don’t think she could see straight! She agreed, and I walked her over to get the free help.” The abortion escorts made it look like they were calling the police. *Ron asked, “Should I stay and face the music, or should I leave and avoid the police?” I told *Ron he didn’t do anything wrong. The abortion escorts were mad that they lost one and wanted to rob *Ron of any joy that may come of his good work. I told him, “to stay put and wait for her, because she will want to share the good news with you if you are there, so you need to stay for her! She trusts you! Don’t disappoint her! Be there for her, once again!” *Jane’s baby was the 1,083rd baby saved from abortion since August 3rd, 2010. And, it was *Ron’s first save, after over five years of sidewalk counseling! Wow! What persistence! Praise God!

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