Do we hear...

By Will Goodman | May 23, 2018

Do we hear their cries for justice?
Do we hear their living cries for love?
Can we hear the deafening roar of millions
of innocent voices from above?

Do we feel their pain of abandonment?
Do we feel their lost pain in obscurity?
Can we hear the bellows of a billion souls
denied their personhood by society?

Do we sense their longing for freedom?
Do we sense their pure longing for life?
Can we hear the titanic chorus of countless children
all victims of this deadly strife?

Do we show compassion for their sorrow?
Do we show real compassion for their hurting family?
Can we hear the hidden babies' cries
to rescue them from every calamity?

Do we have empathy for the fallen?
Do we have sweet empathy for the forgotten?
Can we hear the pleading of those wrongly killed
so soon after they were begotten?

Do we heed their calls for justice?
Do we truly heed their calls for human love?
Can we hear the echo of God's own tears
falling from heaven above?

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