Pro-Life Wisconsin has been steadfast in opposing euthanasia, whether masquerading as "death with dignity" or the so-called "right to die." Because it permits euthanasia by omission, we are adamant in opposing the Wisconsin Living Will (Directive to Physicians).

The Living Will has many internal flaws, including its ambiguous and confusing language which may be interpreted by physicians in a way you did not intend. Furthermore, it is impossible to make sound medical decisions based on guesswork about the future. 

It seems more prudent to appoint an individual (agent) you have carefully chosen to make your health care decisions if you can't speak for yourself. The Wisconsin Power of Attorney for Health Care, while less flawed than the Living Will, may also be used to permit euthanasia by omission.

We, therefore, are unable to endorse this document. To meet this problem, we offer you a life­ protective document, the "Protective Power of Attorney for Health Care."

A PDF version of the protective power of attorney for health care document is available below.

Download a copy of the document, which was updated in April of 2018. You can also download the document's PPAHC Frequently Asked Questions and Instructions here.

If you have an older version of the document (printed or obtained prior to April, 2018), download this HIPAA addendum.

Pro-Life Wisconsin staff is available to answer your questions. Find our contact information under the contact section in the menu. Please let us know that you're using this document, and we will alert you when new addendum or changes are made.