Medical Decision Making

Making ethical medical decisions can be tough. We're here to help.


It's a myth that pro-lifers are only concerned about embryos and fetuses. Increasingly, the elderly, frail and handicapped are finding themselves declared "unwanted" or "burdens," just like the preborn. Our vulnerable brothers and sisters at the end of life need our love and protection just as much they did at the beginning of life. A unique range of threats to life - living wills, physician-assisted suicide, removal of food and fluids to cause death, and vital organ donation after "brain death" - are confronting us in subtle but dangerous ways. Please educate yourself and your loved ones before the "right to die" mentality needlessly claims more lives around you.


End of Life Brochures

Julie Grimstad, executive director of Life is Worth Living, Inc., has developed a set of End of Life Decisions series of brochures to help educate end of life issues. You may download these, email Pro-Life Wisconsin, or call Pro-Life Wisconsin (262-796-1111) to get a complete set mailed to you along with our Protective Power of Attorney for Health Care document.

Medical Decisions Brochures

Advance Directives

Feeding and Hydration

Decoding Deceptive Language

Organ Donation

Persistent Vegetative State

The Money Factor

*These brochures were updated in 2018.


Advance Directive/Protective Power of Attorney for Health Care (PPAHC)
Informed: A Guide for Critical Medical Decisions