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When you catch yourself sounding like your mom

As we’ve started to have children, I’ve noticed my parenting reflected the way my parents handled situations as well. Parenting is the art of improvisation, because you never know what mood your two year old is going to be in and what he or she is going to do next.

By: Matt Von Rueden

You don't lose your self when you have babies

I directed all the decisions in my college world. This is a wonderful gift, but it can lead to selfish habits if taken for granted.

By: Matt Von Rueden

A letter to my grandchildren on Sept. 11

The cross of Christ teaches us this lesson to the fullest. It says, “I love you,” totally and triumphantly.

Those outstretched arms will never forsake us, for everything this is crucified eventually rises.

Love is stronger than hate. Believe that.

By: Nancy Spiegelhoff

You're never going to be ready for children

They are blessings from God – little human beings so unique, so amazing that nothing can prepare you for them. Each one has his or her own temperament, gifts and challenges. Even after several children, you are not prepared for the next.

By: Matt Sande, Legislative Director

School wins injunction against contraception madnate

Good news! A school has won an injunction against Obama's oppressive contraception mandate.

By: Sam Guzman

Is Life Chain too graphic for a 9-year-old?

Life Chain does not use graphic aborted baby pictures. So the signs this family encountered were peaceful, non-graphic signs simply stating, “Pray to end abortion” or “Abortion Kills Children.”

By: admin

Before sending your children back to school, opt them out of Planned Parenthood's sex ed

All Wisconsin public school districts are prohibited from adopting "abstinence-only" or "abstinence-centered" human growth and development programs (also known as sex ed).

By: admin

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