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end of life

On pulling the plug

When you are pressured to let your loved one die a natural death or to force their death by pulling the plug, reflect on this Bible verse. You will come to realize that God does not will them to die at this time. Their place in Heaven is not yet prepared.

By: Josie Zignego
end of life

Tragically, Brittany Maynard takes her own life

Brittany Maynard, a 29 year old woman with terminal brain cancer, shot to national fame for her decision to end her own life rather than suffer the debilitating effects of her condition. After first announcing her decision in October, Maynard received a worldwide outpouring of grief and countless appeals to re-think her decision.

But despite the global outpouring of love, Maynard tragically took her own life on Sunday, November 2, using drugs legally prescribed under Oregon's assisted suicide law. Maynard's death…

By: Sam Guzman
end of life

Death on God's time, not man's

Pro-Life Wisconsin has been steadfast in opposing euthanasia, whether masquerading as “death with dignity” or the so-called “right to die.”

By: admin
end of life

UW-Madison to host euthanasia symposium

UW-Madison's list of pro-life offenses is certainly not on the short side. UW-Madison receives $5 million in taxpayer funds annually to engage in embryonic stem cell research, proposes using aborted baby parts for research, attempts to partner with Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin to provide late-term abortions, and as an upcoming event indicates, is now pushing physician-assisted suicide on the state of Wisconsin. All of this on the taxpayer's dime, mind you.

Review the list of speakers and topics (click here to view…

By: admin

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