My First DC March for Life

By Josie Zignego | January 22, 2018

On Wednesday night, 100 pro-lifers left from Wisconsin to head to the March for Life in Washington D.C. Sore and tired from the long ride, we arrived on Thursday morning and the group headed to Planned Parenthood while a few stayed being to check into the hotel. After praying outside for a few hours, the pilgrims from Wisconsin witnessed a save! This lit a fire in everyone's heart and we were ready to March for Life.

On Friday morning, an estimated half a million marchers gathered near the Washington Monument to listen to various speakers, including Matt Birk, Pam Tebow, Paul Ryan, and President Donald Trump, who gave everyone hope that abortion will soon be unthinkable. When the words "Let's March!" were said, it took around 45 minutes for everyone just to funnel onto Constitution Ave, because there were SO many people! What a great problem to have!

We marched slowly in prayer, unity and peace. Many of our pilgrims had fellow marchers asking them for one of our "save the baby humans" and "a person's a person" signs... and we even mailed one to a marcher from Texas who lost hers during all of the chaos!

With hope filled hearts, we returned to Wisconsin early Sunday morning, ready to take on a new week of fighting and speaking up for those who cannot. Emails with pictures from the march filled my inbox and those who could not be there expressed their joy and hope through social media.

Thank you to all of our supporters, whether you marched, donated or prayed, we are so thankful to you and no action goes unnoticed!

My first March for Life was a great one! It reminded me that there are still good people in this world who know that abortion is wrong and will do anything to save those little babies who are threatened by their own mothers.

Click here to see photos of the entire weekend!

Share your photos by emailing them to or posting them with the hashtag #PLWMarches. We'd love to see your pictures!

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