Why Did Planned Parenthood Move?

By Dan Miller | October 9, 2017

Last week, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin announced that they will be moving less than nine blocks (.8 miles) from their current abortion center to restrict sidewalk counselor access to their clients - and spent $8 million to do it. This is proof that sidewalk counseling works! “The center was designed so patients will no longer walk directly past protestors.” Kathy King – PPWI Abortionist.

The Planned Parenthood abortion mega-center will open on 435 S. Water Street in Milwaukee’s Third Ward, just nine blocks away from the old facility located at 302 N. Jackson Street, on Tuesday, October 10th, 2017.

The way I see is this: that a handful of faithful pro-life sidewalk counselors who have been ministering to young moms and dads for years at the former Planned Parenthood abortion facility at 302 N. Jackson Street just forced the largest abortion provider in the America to spend $8 million to move their abortion operations just to get away from them! Planned Parenthood bragged that they did not spend one penny of public funds on this project. So, congratulations! You have proven once again that you don’t need taxpayer funding when you have the likes of Edie Brengel- Radtke, Lynde Uihlein and Marianne Lubar offering their “volunteer leadership” to help secure funds for the project.

This is what Planned Parenthood does whenever it makes building plans. It operates under shell corporations such as Gemini Office Development, LLC (G.O.D.) when they built the mega-plex in Aurora, Illinois under a veil of secrecy. The beginning for the new facility started when West Allis based Guardian Credit Union sold the land for $1 million to Dallas based limited liability corporation – Bocatoli, LLC on August 2, 2016, whose registered agent on file is Capitol Corporate Services, Inc. and is located at 301 S Bedford St – Ste 1 – Madison, Wisconsin 53703. The company’s principal address is 3824 Cedar Springs Rd #112 – Dallas, Texas 75129. Plans to build an 11,860 square foot medical facility were approved on July 29th by the Milwaukee Department of Neighborhood Services. Those documents did not identify a tenant, but did disclose that the facility would include procedure, exam & therapy rooms, along with offices. Tri-North Builders of Fitchburg were the general contractors for the project.

Did reading that make your head spin? Yeah, me too. This shell game sounds like some high-priced lawyers were involved.

Also, considering that abortion facilities normally have an industrial grade garbage disposal system under the procedure room sink, being this much closer to Jones Island is a real plus for Planned Parenthood. May God have mercy on us.

The takeaway is this. Since Planned Parenthood has so valiantly exhibited its private fundraising prowess, it appears it wants to get off corporate welfare, which is fantastic news. We will gladly help them by continuing our relentless pursuit of defunding them completely of public taxpayer dollars.

The work continues. So, please continue! This killing center is nothing compared to your prayers! We plan to continue to sidewalk counsel outside this new facility. We may have to use different techniques, but that is a part of life. Change. Change is constant. So, join us on the sidewalks on Tuesday morning, October 10th, at 8 am to let Planned Parenthood know that we will never go away until they do.

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