Sanctity and the Family

By Therese Aloia | January 3, 2018

Being 100% pro-life means we are also pro-family. Every family is called to holiness and that journey begins and ends with devout parents. Out of the hundreds of saints in the Catholic Church, can we name the husbands and wives who were committed to helping each other get to heaven, living their sacramental vows through practice of virtue each day? While the Holy Family will always be our model, here are ten saintly couples that we can learn from, be inspired by and who can encourage us in our own journey. On our knees in our parishes, we often pray, “O Lord, grant us many holy priests and religious vocations”, and we all rejoice when one of our own is ordained or takes first vows. Let us also pray every day for an increase of holy families, the sanctuary for new life and new saints.

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