God's Design

By Clare Smith | December 1, 2017

Though it was at one point contested, medical research today widely accepts the fact that breastfeeding produces benefits to a baby that no formula can imitate. Nursing also helps the mother’s womb return to its pre-pregnant state. Hospitals today encourage parents to hold their newborns and give them skin-to-skin contact to chemically advance the bond between them. I have even heard arguments for co-sleeping, stating that the sleep schedule of mother and child becomes more synchronized and healthier for both when the two sleep near each other in the early postpartum weeks (the baby gets food faster, Mom gets more sleep, and both start waking up at the same time instead of Mom being jolted awake by the baby’s climaxed crying). Medicine keeps discovering two things: God’s design is more intricate than we can imagine; and His design continuously reveals a pattern - what is best for the baby is also healthiest for the mother.

If this is the case for newborns, how much more must it be the case when the child is still in the womb? Pro-choice advocates state their concern for women while failing to consider that these women are mothers, and perhaps their bodies are opened to health risks when their children’s health is at risk. How much more so when the child’s life is at risk? Having an abortion is a physical trauma, not to mention the mental and emotional repercussions. If something as simple as holding her infant is a benefit to the mother, then how can we pretend that cutting the mother off from her baby when the two are most intimately connected is in the mother’s best interests?

Medicine has developed as a means of tricking the body into functioning properly. There are only two places that this is not the case: contraceptives used to prevent pregnancy, and abortion. Rather than supporting God’s design, in these two places alone, we prohibit it. We take an exquisitely intricate system, designed for our good and we seek to alter it. Why not instead seek to aid the body in its beautiful design? Why not seek to offer support and assistance to mothers? If we can celebrate the benefits of breastfeeding, it is time to recognize the goodness in carrying a child to the full-term.

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