There's no monopoly on women's health

By Jade Hrdi | December 23, 2016

Planned Parenthood doesn’t have a monopoly on women’s healthcare

They’re the big name in women’s health – Planned Parenthood. They kind of have this monopoly on women’s health, right?


There are 21 Planned Parenthood facilities in Wisconsin.

That means that if the 2,864,586 females in the state only went to Planned Parenthood facilities, they’d each see 88,789 patients. A recent release from Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin states they see 60,000 patients annually, which includes male patients.

It’s clear from those numbers that women must be getting care in other places.

There are 162 other taxpayer funded health care clinics in Wisconsin. That means for every one Planned Parenthood, there are SEVEN health care clinics that help women and men in lower economic classes.

If all Wisconsin’s females were getting care at these taxpayer funded clinics, they’d each see 11,509 patients. A more reasonable patient load, maybe. Of course, I’m not counting all the private profit and nonprofit centers where the majority of Wisconsin’s population receives care.

But unlike Planned Parenthood, these taxpayer funded health care clinics are spread throughout the state.

Planned Parenthood’s facilities are in 15 of 72 counties, and about 60 percent of the state’s population lives in those 15 counties.

But those percentages don’t tell the whole story.

Planned Parenthood facilities only exist in the top 40 richest counties in the state. Excluding Milwaukee County, which is the 40th wealthiest county; their facilities are in the top 29 wealthiest counties.

Don’t we worry about how women in poorer counties receive care? Shouldn’t we be worried about the poor the most because of their lack of ability to travel to care or to even pay for that care?

Except, they must be finding help somewhere.

Oh, right, they’re going to rural health centers, they’re going to federally qualified health centers, they’re going to private doctors, they’re going to hospitals, they’re going to nonprofit clinics in churches.

But, but, but… if a Planned Parenthood exists, women are getting care there, right? If the clinic closes, where will they go?

Again – they can go to any of the seven health clinics that exist to that one Planned Parenthood.

We have to keep reminding our daughters, our girlfriends and the women in our lives that Planned Parenthood does not have a monopoly on our health care. Planned Parenthood is not the only place to go.

If you’re scared, you’re alone, you’re worried about an infection or a lump, you’re probably going to search online.

Planned Parenthood is probably going to be the first search result.

That doesn’t make them the best choice. Find a clinic that doesn’t kill children, which can offer a mammogram and quality lab tests. It probably won’t be a “brand name” clinic. That’s all the better.

If you think you’re pregnant, there’s help. Visit to find a clinic with staff that will listen and help you.

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